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About us

Okay – let me say something about us:

We, that’s Jax – my Aussie boy, and me, Kristin. We live in Emmering, close to Munich in Bavaria, Germany. We moved to Bavaria 2016, so we are not exactly Bavarians ourselves ( ;

I was born as Kristin Kaiser in Melsungen in northern Hessia, right in the middle of Germany, close to Kassel. I studied Biology in Göttingen (the absolutely best University town in Germany *caution – very subjectiv*) and hold a PhD degree in Microbiology.

After finishing my studies, my boyfriend decided to leave university and seek our luck ‘somewhere else’. This is what finally got us to Bavaria. We loved it, as we are so much closer to the Alps. We loved active vacations and hiking in the mountains with our dog, or being outside anyway. We still do love it, but as we split up by now, we each pursue our road to happyness without the other again.

Still, creativity always wants out

Only work however, is not really a desirable live. I have a ceative mind. I have difficulties to unwind in the evening, if I am not up to something. I love color, and I sometimes I am full to burst with ideas. I am a part-time photographer as well.

How everything started wih this collar business, I actually can’t remember in detail. I think I somehow came across it on Pinterest or elsewhere, and since I am a DIY gil through and through, I certainly had to try this myself.
This is how I tied myself up in Paracord – it’s so colorful! My Jax must have tried a gazillion of collars I did. I really had fun doing this!

However, no dog needs a thousand collars (yes I actually belive this, but feel free to prove me wrong). And there are SO MANY people out there selling hand-made dog collars. So many of them doing Paracord collars.
I wanted to do something different. So I tried. And tried.

Paracord – but differently

What I came up with, you can see here. I am not into the usual, broad and thick Paracord collars you might know. I do my own thing. It is still as colorful, if not more colorful! I pour my heart and a lot of work into every single product. Every order is a highlight for me. I love being in touch and helping you with your decision to get your very own, custom-made product that’s absolutely unique. It’s so much fun!

And I honestly think, that you’ll notice. Notice how much fun and love for details flows into everything that leaves my little workshop. The most important thing for me is creating a product exactly as you’d want it – and that you’re going to love.
That’s what it’s all about – heart-products made for you!

Please feel free to contact me anytime per mail at info[at]kristinkaiser.de, via my Etsy-Shop or mobile.

Happy to hear from you!

Love, Kristin