It’s all about color!


… to von Herzen Manufaktur! It’s all about color – that’s the credo we live and produce by.
All our products are completely customizable – only choose a design and we tailor it to your special whishes!

We value high-quality materials to make your new gear last the longest.
It’s our special pleasure to help and assist in finding the perfect product or color scheme for you.

Say goodbye to collars not fitting your existing leash or harness! Also say goodbaye to inflexible combination options – all our products can be made to match as a set.

EST. 2018

Although I actually startet with making collars in 2017 already – only for my dog Jax and friends… in 2018, an absolutely wonderful little store close by asked me, if I wouldn’t like offering my products through their showcase. So I decided to give this whole ‘business’ a chance.

Our stuff

Leather – I love it. And although I started out with just Paracord collars, I always wanted to use leather for my works. So I came up with some unique collar (and leash) designs, where leather is beautifully entwined with Paracord.

It is super-important to me, that you have complete control and freedom of choice about the product. I give you the designs – you decide on colors and combinations. I have close contact and exchange with my customers and there is a lot of there-and-back-again of photos until the perfect color combination is found.

Sounds good?

Then don’t be shy – let’s get down to being creative! You can find all our products in the online shop. If you find something, feel free to order and then contact me for the details – or just the other way around, just like it suits you best.

You can also find all our products on ETSY – if you like this platform and want to support it. Feel free to click through our shop over there. Contact is also easy via the ETSY messenger.

All other contact information you can find below. Happy shopping!


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