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We produce colorful collars and leashes for your four-legged friends using greased leather, ComfiCord and Paracord. The super robust Paracord, also known as parachute cord, is available in a gazillion of beautiful colors and patterns, so there is no limit to creativity! Choose between bolt snaps and scissor clasps or opt for a beautiful leather buckle, a pull-stop variant or something else.
You can also have your very own unique product made – custom orders are always welcome!


Braided leather and Paracord wrapping - a super beautiful combination.

Leather collar 'PINA'

Braided leather with a colorful paracord statement center piece. Suits every dog, and tailored to your wishes.

Leather collar 'Jennasjoy'

A leather collar with open-braided elements and Paracord. Beautiful and filigree design.

Collar 'JAX'

A very colorful collar. Choose your own design and go with leather buckle or snap look. Always looks good.

Collar 'YASKA'

A thin collar braided from Paracord, perfect for smaller breeds.
Also works perfectly as a tag collar for large breeds.

Collar 'SAM'

The allrounder and bigger version of the YASKA collar. Fits middle-szied to large breeds.

Leash 'PARI'

A leash completely braided from Paracord. Approx. 2 m in length, 3-times adjustable (long, short, free-handed). Super durable and still soft and flexible.


This leash fits the YASKA collar. A little thinner than the PARI leash, but also approx. 2m long and 3-times adjustable (short, long, free-handed). We can also match this leash perfectly to the TOBY collar (or any other collar you'd like).

Collar 'TOBY'

Two knotted Paracord colors create this ~11 mm wide collar. Perfect for small dog breeds, or as a tag collar for all other dogs.

Leather collar 'FRIEDA'

Greased leather wrapped with Paracord. Robust, simple and beautiful.

Collar 'KIRA'

A collar made from leather for the very small dogs. Also suitable for Chihuahuas.

ComfiCord collar 'Frieda Light'

For the real muckrakers. Robust ComfiCord that holds fast in every weather condition.

Leather leash 'JENNASJOY'

The leash matching the JENNASJOY collar. 1 m with hand-loop, super chic and practical.

Leather collar 'Calluna'

Greased leather in beautiful macramee optics. A very robust, wide variant for larger breeds.

Leather leash 'YUKI'

The leash matching the YUKI collar. 1 m with hand-loop and coloful Paracord wrapping. Great thing.

Puppy collar 'ALVA'

This small and thin puppy collar grows with your pup! It is 1 cm wide and can be made as big as you want it to become. Choose your two favorite colors for your newest furry friend.

Puppy / Tag collar 'BONNY'

This collar grows with your pup. Also nice as a tag collar fo grown dogs. With stiched name.

Puppy leash 'KLEO'

This small and thin puppy leash also comes in handy for the smaller and lighter dog breeds. It is 1 cm wide and really light, so you can also use it perfectly on your Chihuahua. Made to match the ALVA collar.


Made matching the collars, 1 m in length, with hand-loop.

Horse lead 'SHELDON'

Premium lead with leather elements and embossed horse name. Braided from Paracord in your favourite colors. Absolutely unique.

Horse lead 'JESSY'

A horse lead braided from Paracord - unique for sure! Length approx 2 m, carabiners or panic hook. Made tailored to your wishes.

Split Reins

Split reins braided from Paracord - open reins for Western Riding. Carabiners and colors as you wish.

Split Reins with leather

Super beautiful split  reins with leather elements. Super robust Paracord braiding that makes a 2 cm strap. This is a super premium product <3