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Taking size

For a well-fitting collar I need the correct measurements from you. I am going to try to de-mystify this a little, as it is actually quite straight-forward.

IMPORTANT: Never use the length of a collar you already own as the neck circumfence you send me – that is not going to work! Collars made from different material and of different thickness will differ in length, even if the final size (neck circumfence) is the same! Please always take your measues directly from your dog.

I need different measures for different collars – so here is an image to help clarify what is needed:

richtig messen für maßhalsband

Neck cirumfence (HU-Halsumfang): needed for ALL collars.
Take the neck circumfence tightly where the collar shall sit. This measure will be fixed on the middle of 3 wholes in the buckle. There will be one whole to tighten, one to widen the collar. 
For very furry dogs it makes sense to take the measure under the fur, so you dog won’t be able to pull itsself out of it. This can be easily tested using a measuring tape.
Why measure this tightly? The baiding and knotting techniques used for the Paracord will eventually widen a little, due to wear. Additionally, leather is a natural product, so it uses to work and also give a littl ein length over time.
ComfiCord will not give like the leather will. I take this into account and may ask you to remeasure with one or two fingers between measuring tape and neck. 

Head circumfence (KU-Kopfumfang): for pull-stop and slip-ins.
Please measure in front of the ears, loosely, so the measuring tape will go smoothly over the ears without causing damage to them. This measure will be the total size of the collar.

Neck circumfence for pull-stops (HUZ):
Measure tightly directly behind the ears (but please to not strangle your dog). Approximately 2 fingers wide beneath the ears is a small dent – take your measure here. This measure is used to fix the pull-stop, so your dog can’t wind out of it.

Image source: Justin Veenema